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The Man who Love ‘Miles’ n ‘Marathon’

The Man who Love ‘Miles’ n ‘Marathon’
Money cannot always buy happiness. The passion to change and add meaning to others’ life is the mission. The story of Dr. Namdeo Kondiba Bhosale. He is, a mentor, a coach, a motivational speaker and the Deputy Secretary of Industries Department, Mantralaya. Maharashtra.
Born in a small village of Satara he was brought up by his farmer father and an aunt after he lost his mother at the young age of three. Dr. Namdeo’s childhood was an experience of extreme conditions of drought and famine and pain. The scorching heat of the sun beneath his bare feet as he ran miles to graze herds of goats and cows through hilltops, the sole pair of clothing that lasted an entire year, the first pair of sandals when he reached his 10th standard, earning while learning to become a Veterinary doctor in 1989 followed by the civil service exams in 1994, may today seem to be excerpts from a long tragic story. But Dr. Namdeo has no regrets about his life. He believes that the pains prepared him to become the man he is today, with an unflinching determination and an extraordinary physical and mental strength.

A New Phase
He got married in 1999 with Mukta Bhosale, his life partner. In 2008, his friend, coach Shahaji Patil initiated Dr. Namdeo into running. However, in spite of his efforts, Dr. Namdeo failed to complete even the 500 m race. But he got into rigorous training and ran under his coach Introducer to running Dr. Rajendra Kurade for two months. Even with a heel injury, he completed the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 2009 in 2hr 16 mins. His talent and passion finally found an outlet!.
He learned about various healing techniques and trained himself for Marathons. His wife joined him in his running journey in 2010. They both encouraged other housewives to run and to share the benefits of running with others he started various runners groups in and around Mumbai, with a few especially for woman and employees.

A Cause to Live For
His chief focus is encouraging housewives and employees though he motivates people from all walks of life to run. He encourages celebrating womanhood and empowering them as he believes, “Women are the infinite source of power; they represent Shakti. They are the creators of this universe. We are need to love and respect them. We have no existence without them”.
Further, with people working in corporate and embracing a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes all the more important to have some form of physical activity like running to overcome pain, reduce anger, bring in peace and increase work efficiency.
Interestingly, he has taken to coaching and mentoring people completely free of cost. It’s simply the delight of helping people and changing their lives that keeps him going. He says, “It’s a pleasure and joy to run with or live for people but the real joy is standing for people to fulfil what they want, their aims, goals and dreams and being a part of their journey. It’s an experience of liberation”.

Life is Beautiful
Dr. Namdeo’s motto is Life is Beautiful, Majjach Majja! (Life is Full of Fun to Enjoy).
A disciplined man and an early riser Dr. Namdeo is involved in various activities like swimming, running, badminton, lawn tennis, trekking, cycling, cross-training, yoga, weight training and the like.
He has run for more than 15 road races and marathons including the BMW Berlin Full-Marathon 2018, organized various Marathons and acted as the ambassador, mentor and pacer for many. Always energetic and vibrant, he ensures at least 60 new runners join every year. Besides this, he remains a family man, a responsible employee, lends support to the needy, is involved in social and environmental causes and is a highly motivational speaker.
He loves photography and being with nature and has plans to write a few books on topics close to his heart.

Dr.Namdeo Bhosale

माण : निसर्गसौंदर्याचीही खाण

शीर्षक थोडं अनाकलनीय वाटतंय ना?
वर्षानुवर्षे भीषण दुष्काळाच्या छायेतील माणदेशात निसर्गसौंदर्य?

पण मित्रांनो यावर्षी निसर्गाची कृपा झाली आणि वरुणदेवाचा भरभरुन आर्शिवाद लाभला. माणदेशी मातीतून अंकूर तरारुन आले आणि अखंड माणदेश हिरवाईने नटून गेला. हिरव्यागार शालू नेसलेल्या या भूमीने आकाशाला साद दिली आणि रविकरासोबतचा लपाछपीचा खेळ रोजच रंगू लागला. कधी कोवळे ऊन तर क्षणात सरसर शिरवे. कधी रम्य डोहावर सुर्यकिरणांची रुपेरी खाण तर कधी वरती इंद्रधनूची कमान.
आज पहाटे तर कमालच झाली. या धरती आणि रवीच्या खेळात चक्क ढगांनी आपली दुलई पांघरली आणि उबदार धुक्यात माणदेश हरवून गेला. गोंदवले वडूज रस्त्यावरील हे मऊ मऊ धुक्याचा कापूस पिंजत जाताना साक्षात हवाई सफरीचा मनमुराद आनंद लुटला.

माणमधेच निसर्गाचा असा काही खेळ रंगला की वाटले कशाला हवय काश्मिर अन् कशाला हवयं शिमला?

दुसरा फोटो निढळ गावाजवळील छावणीसमोरचा तर तिसरा कलेढोण ग्रामिण रुग्णालयाजवळचा...

~ डाॅ.समीर तांबोळी

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